100% Grass Fed Beef & Lamb


Cow and Calf



  • 100% Grass Fed ✓ 

  • Gourmet Beef & Lamb  

  • 100% Free Range ✓ 

  • High in Omega 3 ✓ 

  • No Artificial hormones 

  • No growth promotants ✓ 

  • No chemical residues

  • No synthetic fertilisers used ✓ 

  • Low stress for animals

  • Low carbon footprint.

  • Not Halal Certified. ✓ 

  • Clean, Green and Healthy! ✓ 

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You are buying truly ethical 100% grass fed beef and Lamb. We protect the environment, nurture our animals and growing them the natural way to ensure our customers’ health.

The Story of @theFarmGate

eat local

Ian & Rosanne Trevaskis

@theFarmGate is located in the picturesque valley of Wairewa, East Gippsland, which has been in the Trevaskis family for over 100 years. In 2009 Rosanne and Ian Trevaskis, decided that years of falling beef prices (though shop prices had gone up), drought and increased production costs, meant that they must either find a way to make a profit from their top quality product or they would need to sell up. From this desperation Beef@theFarmGate was born.

It started out small, using the Orbost abattoir and local butchers. Customers were found who were interested in buying guaranteed tender 100% grass fed Beef direct from the farmer, cut and packed to their specific requirements at a fraction of the cost of buying from larger retailers. The reaction from the customers was overwhelming! People loved the product and couldn’t get enough of it! We now deliver from Melbourne to Canberra with our own Primesafe vehicle.

We still offer great value with a range of different packs available to suit different needs, a focus on customer service and product value guarantee. We use the same local abattoir and the faithful butchers who helped us get started and are dedicated to growing local business in East Gippsland.

Animals welfare is our top priority!

Animals are trucked to the local abattoir half an hour away and are delivered to the butcher within hours of leaving the property. A big difference from the days many animals spend in transit before slaughter. So it tastes better and is cheaper as well!

It’s a clean, green and Healthy!

We use regenerative agricultural methods without artificial fertilisers or hormone growth promotants, emphasising, bio-diversity, animal welfare and sustainability into the future. Our motivation is that “Farms are our pharmacy and food is medicine” because customer health and the future is our main focus.

Packed for you and delivered to your door!

We offer many different packs, sizes and prices to ensure we have a deal for everyone. From 10kg to 120kg we have a pack to suit your lifestyle!

Healthy Farms, Healthy Futures!



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