Written by the Farmers.


An Old Farmers Advice.

The old farmer looked wisely at me then told me something I’ve never forgotten. We’d just moved onto the farm. It was 25 years ago, we weren’t long married and I had 2 little girls beside me.
“So you’re going to be a farmer’s wife?” he said. “Just remember that where you…………..Click here.

Calving is upon us!

My ears pricked up instinctively as I heard the motor bike revving. It was already dark and the rain had started but Ian had gone out to check on a calving heifer. It was her first calf and he thought she might have trouble.
It has become second nature to me, (and to the myriad………..Click here.

Environmentally Friendly Bugs!

Most people don’t even realise that the soil under their feet is full of living things. We could almost say that the soil is “alive”. Good healthy soil contains billions of organisms, all silently feeding, growing and reproduc………..Click Here.


Iron rich foods. Why bother?

Do the men in your life seem to have boundless energy while you feel like you won’t get through the day? How about migraines? If so, I can truly identify with you as I experienced those symptoms almost continuous……….Click here.

What is Sustainability?

We hear the term, “Sustainability” a lot nowadays but what does it really mean? To us, as farmers, Sustainability means ensuring our farming practices support the ecology of the landscape, leaving the environment healthier and more fertile for the next generation………Click Here.



There will be more to come! Watch this space!

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