Grass Fed Lamb

“Grass Fed lamb? More like melting moments!” said one happy customer.

Grass Fed Lamb

Lamb@theFarmGate is ethically farmed grass fed lamb cut, packed and delivered to your door. Our grass fed lamb has no chemical residue, no hormone growth promotants (HGP’s) and is 100% grass fed, so you can be assured you’re feeding your family a truly natural product. We believe that we are as healthy as what we eat, farms are our pharmacies, so we are committed to providing the best grass fed beef for our family and yours!

Ethical Treatment!

We run around 30 head of Wiltshire horn sheep at this time (so at times supply will run out due to demand). These animals are an older English breed of meat sheep that has the unusual feature of moulting its short wool and hair coat naturally in spring, alleviating the need for shearing, crutching or mulesing. With these sheep we do not even need to dock the animals tails as they are not prone to fly strike.

Our grass fed lamb are rotationally grazed, with our mobs of cattle also grazing the same paddocks. This cross grazing cuts down the spread of intestinal parasites, meaning that our sheep and cattle do not need to be wormed as frequently as many commercial mobs, meaning less chemicals used on your food!

Grass Fed Lamb Packs and Prices

  • Side of Grass Fed Lamb – all cuts on a full side of lamb, choose between rack of lamb and cutlets. – $17.50/kg
  • Whole Grass Fed Lamb – all cuts of lamb choose to have rack of lamb or cutlets or both. – $16.50/kg

A side of grass fed lamb, freezer-ready and packed to your specifications will provide about 10kg, and a whole animal approximately 20kg.

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